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Camille Reviews Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker

Clementine is a girl who goes to school with this bossy little girl named Margaret.  In the beginning of the story, Margaret went into the bathroom because she got glue in her hair, and she brought along scissors.  Then, Clementine went inside to see what was going on.  Margaret was crying inside the bathroom because she got glue in her hair.  She asked Clementine to cut the part with glue off, but Clementine accidently cut most of her hair off.  Then she cried even more, and Clementine got sent to the principal’s office.

Clementine lived in the same apartment building as Margaret.  Margaret’s mom got mad at Clementine, and when she went up to say sorry, Margaret’s mom got so mad at her and she said “Go home and think of what you have done!”

The next day, Clementine went to school and got in trouble AGAIN and got sent to the principal’s office AGAIN because she had colored Margaret’s hair red.  Margaret wanted it to look like Clementine’s, so Margaret asked Clementine to color her hair with an unwashable marker.

After Clementine went to the principal’s office, she cut her own hair and colored it green because she didn’t want it to look like Margaret’s, because she was mad at Margaret for getting her in trouble.

At the end, she got a big surprise party, and Margaret got her another kitten since Clementine’s kitten had died.

I think this book is very funny.  I really like it, it is really like Junie B. Jones because she does funny stuff, like she named her cat Deodorant.  I do like Clementine (the girl) because she is crazy, but I don’t like her because she gets in trouble a lot.  It makes me feel not very happy because she gets in trouble and doesn’t really pay attention a lot.

I would recommend this book to girls who don’t get in trouble a lot, so they don’t get ideas to do bad stuff.  I rate this a 5 out of 10 because I like it and I don’t like it.

If you are interested in Clementine, go to this website and you find out all about Clementine and Sara Pennypacker.  You will find books made by Sara Pennypacker and how to write to Sara Pennypacker.  Cross Country Clementine shows cardboard Clementines in different states that kids took pictures with, like Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Kansas.  I’m going to take a picture with Clementine at Somerset Park and put it on the website.




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Camille reviews Invisible Inkling, by Emily Jenkins

I like Emily Jenkins’ books.  She’s a very good and funny author.  I like Toys Go Out and Invisible Inkling.  I like Invisible Inkling because it about an animal that is invisible, and I love invisible animals.

Invisible Inkling is a book about a boy named Hank.  He is a boy who found Invisible Inkling.  Invisible Inkling is an invisible animal who Hank found one day in his mother and father’s ice cream shop.  Invisible Inkling took a cone and ate it, but Hank thought, “What in the world is taking that cone!?  The cone is moving on its own!”  Then Invisible Inkling went for a walk, and so did Hank.  Hank went back to their apartment and went for a walk with one of their neighbor’s dogs.  While they were walking, the dog that they were walking kept on barking and barking at midair.  Then Invisible Inkling ran, and the dog ran after him.  That’s how Hank found the invisible animal.

Then he went to school with Invisible Inkling, and Invisible Inkling kept on jumping on people’s heads and hurting them.  People said, “Hank, stop putting things on top of our heads!”  Hank said, “Invisible Inkling, you have to go.”  At the end, finally Hank said, “OK, Invisible Inkling, you may stay,” because Invisible Inkling helped him.  There was a boy named Gilllicut at the school who was hurting Hank, so Invisible Inkling jumped on his head and hurt him, and Gillicut never went back to Hank ever again.

I think the part where Hank said no to Invisible Inkling was bad in the book, because he helped Hank.  I liked how Invisible Inkling jumped on people’s heads, and that he took the pizza away from Hank because he wanted cheesy goodness.  I think seven- and six-year-old kids would like this book.  Teenage kids, not really, because there’s a teenage girl in this book and she’s kind of coo-coo.  She wouldn’t let Hank touch any of her stuff, not even her helicopter book.

I would rate this book a 7 because I love invisible animals, but it wasn’t a really great book because I don’t like Gillicut because he scared me. Here is a video about Invisible Inkling that you can watch. It shows Emily Jenkins and Invisible Inkling, so you can hear how he sounds for real.

Thank you for reading my review!

Love, your friend Camille

NOTE FROM MOM:  This is a great book for kids like my daughter, whose reading skills sometimes surpass her ability (or maybe willingness) to relate to mature content.  The book is thematically written for young kids but is challenging for strong readers.  Emily Jenkins’ other books are among our favorites also.  Both kids love the Toys Go Out books (three in the series), and I recently read the adult book Mr. Posterior and the Genius Child, an entertaining book which I greatly enjoyed.  I related to Mr. Posterior on two levels:  from the viewpoint of the main character (Vanessa, a young girl growing up in the 70’s) and her mother, whose parental ambiguity is a timeless topic.  Check out Emily Jenkins’ site and try some of her books for both kids and adults:  http://emilyjenkins.com/index.html


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Why Dr. Seuss is the Greatest Children’s Author Ever

We spent a lot of time reading Seuss in our house when the kids were young, particularly Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.  The rhythm of the stories was great for teaching the kids to read, and it was a lot of fun for me to read aloud as well.  Of course, if you really think about it, there’s more to Seuss than meets the eye.  George Takei posted this graphic on his Facebook page, and I thought it was genius:

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Camille reviews Stuart Little: Book vs Movie

This is a book about Stuart Little.  It is about a mouse who goes on adventures to find a bird.  He lives in a house with a mother, father, and brother that are human people.  He got really sick, and a bird  named Margalo came over.  She was sick too…she had the bird fever.  One day, three cats came:  one that lived at the house, and two cats that were his friends.  One of the cats said, “Hey, let’s go and eat that bird,” and the cat who lived there said, “Ok, you can try!”   And then Margalo left because he heard what he said.  Stuart Little went out to find her.  Then he went to another city and stayed there for the rest of his life.

In the movie, it is talking about Stuart Little and doesn’t have Margalo in it.

I liked the book better because he went to another city and he met a girl.  In the movie, he never went to another city and he never met a girl.  They were supposed to have a date, but when they went to the canoe that he worked so hard on making, it broke and things came off it, and then it started leaking.  It made me feel a little bit sad and angry at big boys, because big boys are the ones who smashed it.  It made me happy because at the end, it was a really good story.

I would recommend this book to other kids who already know how to read chapter books.  Boys and girls will like this book, especially boys and girls who like fantasies.  I would rate this book a 5 because it is a kind of good book, not a really good book.

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Great Deal on The Lego Ideas Book!

I bought this excellent book at Barnes and Noble for $24.99 right before Christmas…I just saw it at Costco today for $6.99!  It’s a great book that provides a lot of different, open-ended projects for use with existing Legos.  It allows kids to develop their building skills (and creativity skills) and also can provide some useful Lego byproducts, such as action figure display cabinet built from Legos.

Here it is on Amazon.


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Mason Reviews Upchuck and The Rotten Willy: The Great Escape

Upchuck and The Rotten Willy: The Great Escape is about a cat named Upchuck and a dog named Willy.  They have a fine time together.  They’re friends who have a lot of fun and they go out on adventures to discover the world.  Since they’re animals, they just go find out what people do.  Well, one example is, they crossed the street by themselves and went in a different neighborhood.  The street was a busy street.  They made some friends in the new neighborhood, mostly cats and dogs and one skunk.  The skunk sprayed Willy and Upchuck.

The funniest part is when Upchuck was on top of Willy’s head, and he pushed the button to cross the street.  There was this car with two people in it and the guy said, “Well, would you look at that!  There’s a dog under a cat, and the cat is on the dog’s head!”  And the woman said, “There’s no such thing!  That is a ridiculous behavior!”

I think my rating for this book is an 8.  It was an 8 because it’s a funny book.  To me, I only laughed a little bit, but it’s a funny book.  I think everybody will like it.  It has a lot of pages in it and it has small type too.  It’s not as cool as Origami Yoda, but they’re both kind of funny.

From Mason

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Camille reviews Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back

ImageHello, this is Camille.  I have read this book about a lion.  It is a very a good story about a young but tall lion named Lafcadio.  He doesn’t know anything!  He is used to lying in the sun.

He didn’t know what hunters were.  Then, an old lion came to him and said, “Run!  Run!  The hunters are coming!”  The young lion got up and started running, but he didn’t run very fast.  Then he stopped, “Hunters?  I like the name Hunters.”  Then the hunter came over to him and said, “Eat me, eat me!  If you don’t eat me, then I will have to shoot you.”  The young lion said, “Why are you going to shoot me?  I like being who I am. I don’t want to be shot!”  After that, the hunter said “Run away then!  Run away!”  But the lion didn’t run away.  So the young lion finally said, “I do not want to be shot, and I don’t want to run away.  So I will eat you.”  So he ate the hunter…everything, all his clothes and all.  Then he tried to eat his gun, but it was too hard to eat, so he said “I will keep it as a souvenir!”

ImageThen, after that, he practiced and practiced shooting, just like the hunter did.  So he got really good. One day, a circus man came.  He was a looking for a lion he could take to the circus.  So all of the lions said “Lafcadio!  Lafcadio! It is time for our lunch!”  So he began to do his most famous shot.  “I’m not a hunter like you think I am,” said the circus man.  I am looking for a lion that shoots very well that I can take to the circus with me.  Then Lafcadio said, “Well, you can take me!”  So the circus man said, “You don’t mind?”  Lafcadio said, “No, I don’t! I want to go to the city and see what is there.”

So the circus man took him to the city.  He took him to his home at an apartment building. When he first got in the elevator, Lafcadio said, “I want to do this one hundred thousand, two hundred and ninety-five times!”  So the man said, “No, I will not do this!” so the lion said “GGRRRRSSooo!”  And the elevator man said…”Oh yes, you may do that as many times as you want.”

Then he said, you need to get cleaned up, so they went to his room.  He put him in the bath, and the lion said, “Ow ow ow!  This is really hot!”  Then he said, “Well, let’s wash you up and take you out.  We’re going to make this quick.”  So he took him out of the bath, and took him to the barber shop.  The barber said, “I’m sorry, but we do not allow lions in our barber shop.”  But the lion said “GRRRRRoossshhh!” And the man said, “Ok ok ok, you may get your hair cut as much as you want.”  And then he got his hair cut way short, and his tail was cut so short that you could barely see the fur on his tail.  Then he needed to get a suit and hat.  So, he went to the tailor and got a marshmallow suit because he asked for a marshmallow suit.  As soon as he put it on, it melted all over him.

ImageThen he went to the circus, and he became a shooter, and he shot everything, like there were banners that he had to shoot. It was basically trick shooting.

After the circus, he started crying because he didn’t want to go to the circus anymore.  He didn’t like the job anymore.  The circus man said, “Well, if you don’t like doing this anymore, you can be a hunter.”  And so the lion said yes, but deep down, he was a real lion, and he didn’t remember.  He thought he was a person.

He went back to where he lived, and he was going to shoot the lions.  The old lion who helped Lafcadio get away from the hunters recognized him and said, “Hey, why are you shooting us?  You are a lion just like us, I can see your tail sticking out on your bottom!”  Lafcadio got the feeling that he was a lion again. “You’re right, I shouldn’t be doing this.”  So he turned back into a lion.

It was really funny, because when he was in the city he didn’t know what to do.  He really liked marshmallows but he didn’t know what they were, so we (me and my brother Mason) thought that was the funny part.  The first time he tried the marshmallows, he said he liked it.  We thought it was very funny when he asked for the marshmallow suit, and when he wanted to go in the elevator a hundred times.  I thought it was funniest when he ate a roasted marshmallow just coming out of the fire, and he didn’t know what fire was, and the marshmallow still had fire on it.  He ate it and he said “Ow! My tongue’s on fire!”

On my scale, I think it will be number nine because it is very funny.  I think pretty much all kids would like it.

Your friend,


NOTE FROM MOM:  When I hear my kids LOL’ing while reading, I know it’s a good one.  They both enjoyed this book tremendously and actually fought over whose turn it was to read it.  It is written by Camille’s favorite author, Shel Silverstein.  This is a great book to read aloud (parents will think it’s funny also), or a good one for beginning — mid-level chapter readers to read independently.  This is one of the books I would recommend purchasing over borrowing from the library…I think you’ll get a lot of reads out of it!

Have you read it? Let us know what you think.


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