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Fun Reading Website for Kids

I stumbled across this great website while browsing the web: BookAdventure.com.

It’s great fun because it incentivizes kids to read.  After they finish a book, kids can log on and answer a 5-10 question quiz (depending on the age level of the book).  If they get a certain amount correct, they win points that can be accumulated and used to “purchase” real prizes!  There are actually some great prizes available, for example:

Camille just saw the picture of the hamster on an e-book prize, and that’s what she’s working toward.

Of course it’s great to provide yet another incentive to read, but what I also really like about this site is that it tests comprehension and prepares them for similar tests in school…all in a fun way, of course.  The kids just think it’s a fun game and a way to win prizes!  Teachers can also put together class groups and create specialized quizzes and incentives and track student progress.

It’s fairly easy to accumulate prizes.  Camille took three quizzes of books she’s recently read and earned 420 points, and it took only maybe 10 minutes.

The one downside to the site is that, although there are 8,000 books available, most of the more recent books that the kids have read (and actually, every book they’ve reviewed on this blog except Stuart Little) do not have quizzes.  You can help your kids find books to read on the site, but it is fairly limiting.  They are trying to expand the library and parents/teachers can be approved to submit quizzes for new books, but in the meantime…Camille and I spent more time looking for quizzes on books that she’s read recently than it took her to actually complete the quizzes.  She is going to choose her next book (Sarah, Plain and Tall) based on the fact that there is a quiz available (it was on her list anyway).

Check it out, let us know what you think!


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