Camille Reviews Horton Halfpott, by Tom Angleberger

Hi, my name is Camille, and I am going to tell you about a book called Horton Halfpott.  Horton Halfpott is a book about a lot of mysteries.  Horton is a kitchen boy in Smugwick Manor.  The kitchen owner, Miss Neversly, gets mad because she thinks that Horton gets into troubles, like going out and meeting his friends.

There is a woman named M’Lady Luggertuck, and she is the owner of Smugwick Manor.  She has a son named Luther Luggertuck, and there is a girl named Celia.  Luther and a guy named Montgomery both want to marry Celia. Celia likes Horton better than Luther or Montgomery.

Luther takes this thing called The Lump, which is like a crystal, because it is very valuable.  He also takes a statue of Napoleon, and he took one of M’Lady Luggertuck’s wigs.  He steals everything because he wants to get money, and he’s evil.  He gets the money from pirates.

Everyone thinks that Horton is stealing everything because Miss Neversly told everybody that he did it.  Horton and his three friends try to solve the mystery.  They go out at night and they see that Luther is stealing everything.  So they told a detective that Luther was stealing.  At the end, Celia and Horton liked each other and Luther got stuck inside of a mud puddle.

I liked when they had a Halloween party, because M’Lady Luggertuck was dressed up in fancy clothes, and they put perfume on her, and it smelled so stinky!  I liked this book because it was really funny, and there were a lot of details, and it has a glow-in-the-dark cover!  I didn’t like the pirates because they were mean, especially Old Bart.

I think people who are funny and like funny books should have this book.  The rating for this book is an 8 out of 10 because it was funny and cute.

I saw the author, Tom Angleberger, at LA Festival of Books, and he signed our books!  He was funny, he kept on calling me and Mason “Larry.”  Here’s a video of when we met him.

Camille and Mason meet Tom Angleberger



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2 responses to “Camille Reviews Horton Halfpott, by Tom Angleberger

  1. I love this book, all of Tom Angleberger’s books, and Tom Angleberger hhimself! Funny guy. He kept calling my little sister “Larry” too! 😀

  2. I also loved Horton Halfpott, and really anything by Tom Angleberger. His “Fake Mustache” is equally funny and crazy.

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