Camille reviews Stuart Little: Book vs Movie

This is a book about Stuart Little.  It is about a mouse who goes on adventures to find a bird.  He lives in a house with a mother, father, and brother that are human people.  He got really sick, and a bird  named Margalo came over.  She was sick too…she had the bird fever.  One day, three cats came:  one that lived at the house, and two cats that were his friends.  One of the cats said, “Hey, let’s go and eat that bird,” and the cat who lived there said, “Ok, you can try!”   And then Margalo left because he heard what he said.  Stuart Little went out to find her.  Then he went to another city and stayed there for the rest of his life.

In the movie, it is talking about Stuart Little and doesn’t have Margalo in it.

I liked the book better because he went to another city and he met a girl.  In the movie, he never went to another city and he never met a girl.  They were supposed to have a date, but when they went to the canoe that he worked so hard on making, it broke and things came off it, and then it started leaking.  It made me feel a little bit sad and angry at big boys, because big boys are the ones who smashed it.  It made me happy because at the end, it was a really good story.

I would recommend this book to other kids who already know how to read chapter books.  Boys and girls will like this book, especially boys and girls who like fantasies.  I would rate this book a 5 because it is a kind of good book, not a really good book.


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  1. Have you read EB WHite’s Trumpet of the Swan? That is another good chapter book. You may like it 🙂

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