Great Deal on The Lego Ideas Book!

I bought this excellent book at Barnes and Noble for $24.99 right before Christmas…I just saw it at Costco today for $6.99!  It’s a great book that provides a lot of different, open-ended projects for use with existing Legos.  It allows kids to develop their building skills (and creativity skills) and also can provide some useful Lego byproducts, such as action figure display cabinet built from Legos.

Here it is on Amazon.



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3 responses to “Great Deal on The Lego Ideas Book!

  1. I got this for Christmas. It’s a great book!

  2. Dear Erik,

    This is not my book, it is my brother’s, but he lets me play with it. I love building Lego cars with it. Thank you for the reply!

    Truly yours, Mason’s sister Camille

  3. This is going to be perfect for my son! I asked someone to get it for him for Christmas, but they didn’t come through. Definitely birthday!

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