Camille reviews Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back

ImageHello, this is Camille.  I have read this book about a lion.  It is a very a good story about a young but tall lion named Lafcadio.  He doesn’t know anything!  He is used to lying in the sun.

He didn’t know what hunters were.  Then, an old lion came to him and said, “Run!  Run!  The hunters are coming!”  The young lion got up and started running, but he didn’t run very fast.  Then he stopped, “Hunters?  I like the name Hunters.”  Then the hunter came over to him and said, “Eat me, eat me!  If you don’t eat me, then I will have to shoot you.”  The young lion said, “Why are you going to shoot me?  I like being who I am. I don’t want to be shot!”  After that, the hunter said “Run away then!  Run away!”  But the lion didn’t run away.  So the young lion finally said, “I do not want to be shot, and I don’t want to run away.  So I will eat you.”  So he ate the hunter…everything, all his clothes and all.  Then he tried to eat his gun, but it was too hard to eat, so he said “I will keep it as a souvenir!”

ImageThen, after that, he practiced and practiced shooting, just like the hunter did.  So he got really good. One day, a circus man came.  He was a looking for a lion he could take to the circus.  So all of the lions said “Lafcadio!  Lafcadio! It is time for our lunch!”  So he began to do his most famous shot.  “I’m not a hunter like you think I am,” said the circus man.  I am looking for a lion that shoots very well that I can take to the circus with me.  Then Lafcadio said, “Well, you can take me!”  So the circus man said, “You don’t mind?”  Lafcadio said, “No, I don’t! I want to go to the city and see what is there.”

So the circus man took him to the city.  He took him to his home at an apartment building. When he first got in the elevator, Lafcadio said, “I want to do this one hundred thousand, two hundred and ninety-five times!”  So the man said, “No, I will not do this!” so the lion said “GGRRRRSSooo!”  And the elevator man said…”Oh yes, you may do that as many times as you want.”

Then he said, you need to get cleaned up, so they went to his room.  He put him in the bath, and the lion said, “Ow ow ow!  This is really hot!”  Then he said, “Well, let’s wash you up and take you out.  We’re going to make this quick.”  So he took him out of the bath, and took him to the barber shop.  The barber said, “I’m sorry, but we do not allow lions in our barber shop.”  But the lion said “GRRRRRoossshhh!” And the man said, “Ok ok ok, you may get your hair cut as much as you want.”  And then he got his hair cut way short, and his tail was cut so short that you could barely see the fur on his tail.  Then he needed to get a suit and hat.  So, he went to the tailor and got a marshmallow suit because he asked for a marshmallow suit.  As soon as he put it on, it melted all over him.

ImageThen he went to the circus, and he became a shooter, and he shot everything, like there were banners that he had to shoot. It was basically trick shooting.

After the circus, he started crying because he didn’t want to go to the circus anymore.  He didn’t like the job anymore.  The circus man said, “Well, if you don’t like doing this anymore, you can be a hunter.”  And so the lion said yes, but deep down, he was a real lion, and he didn’t remember.  He thought he was a person.

He went back to where he lived, and he was going to shoot the lions.  The old lion who helped Lafcadio get away from the hunters recognized him and said, “Hey, why are you shooting us?  You are a lion just like us, I can see your tail sticking out on your bottom!”  Lafcadio got the feeling that he was a lion again. “You’re right, I shouldn’t be doing this.”  So he turned back into a lion.

It was really funny, because when he was in the city he didn’t know what to do.  He really liked marshmallows but he didn’t know what they were, so we (me and my brother Mason) thought that was the funny part.  The first time he tried the marshmallows, he said he liked it.  We thought it was very funny when he asked for the marshmallow suit, and when he wanted to go in the elevator a hundred times.  I thought it was funniest when he ate a roasted marshmallow just coming out of the fire, and he didn’t know what fire was, and the marshmallow still had fire on it.  He ate it and he said “Ow! My tongue’s on fire!”

On my scale, I think it will be number nine because it is very funny.  I think pretty much all kids would like it.

Your friend,


NOTE FROM MOM:  When I hear my kids LOL’ing while reading, I know it’s a good one.  They both enjoyed this book tremendously and actually fought over whose turn it was to read it.  It is written by Camille’s favorite author, Shel Silverstein.  This is a great book to read aloud (parents will think it’s funny also), or a good one for beginning — mid-level chapter readers to read independently.  This is one of the books I would recommend purchasing over borrowing from the library…I think you’ll get a lot of reads out of it!

Have you read it? Let us know what you think.



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3 responses to “Camille reviews Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back

  1. What a unique story– Glad you had fun reading it!

    Visiting from Kid Konnection.

  2. Thank you for the reply. Yeah, it is a very unique story. I loved reading it. Have you read it yet?

    Truly yours,


  3. Jessica Wood

    I am 39, childless, and still CHERISH my hardcover given to me by an awesome babysitter around 1980… definitely one to purchase for a permanent library, and gift often. Love, love, love Lafcadio to this day.

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