Camille, 7, reviews Tuesdays at the Castle

So, this is a book that I got and I love very much, Tuesdays at the Castle.  And it is about a little girl named Celie, she is a princess who lives in a very magical castle.  It is a magical castle because it changes and has a new room every Tuesday.  It also helps Celie, like if she is in trouble, the castle will cave the walls in and take her into a different room.

She has a brother and a sister who are prince and princess too.  Their father and mother have gone away because they also have another brother who went to college and is graduating, and the kids can’t go.  So then while the mom and dad are gone, there was a big war.  The father and mother were assumed to be dead.  But Celie and the sister and brother said, “No, they’re not…they just ran away.”  So a lot of people went to look out for them.  One of their friends did, too.  And their friend came back and said, “They’re still alive,” because he asked the wizards that the brother went to college with.  Meanwhile, a prince named Khelsh, who wanted to be king, came from another land, and he was a very, very mean prince.

So it’s basically about people trying to look for a king and queen and see if they are dead or not.

My favorite thing was at the end, when Celie has a very favorite stuffed lion that she got when she was a baby.  The part that I like about it is that at the end, the lion got changed into a griffin and took Khelsh away and ate him.

I like it because it’s a very happy story and has a lot of fantasy, and I like it because I like reading fantasies.  I would recommend it to other kids because it’s a very good book.  I think all kids would like it.  I would rate it an 8 (on a scale from 1-10).

MOM’S PERSPECTIVE:  Camille read a few of these chapters aloud to me, and my first impression was that this is a book I would have enjoyed as a girl.  The morphing castle is fantastical and imaginative, a clever idea.  The characters are empowered and strong, especially the main character, Celie, who is not a subdued princess such as the Disney style.  I also liked the fact that there are multiple plot points going on at once, which is great for developing readers.  There are some slightly scary bits (talk of assassination, etc.), so you may want to monitor if you have a sensitive child.



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4 responses to “Camille, 7, reviews Tuesdays at the Castle

  1. Camille – What a fabulous review of this book. Riley might be a little young to try this one out, but we can’t wait to read more of your reviews and start catching up with you. If you have a chance, we would love some of your recommendations for books for little girls just starting to read chapter books. What were your favorites. Love From the Colorado Kenlines

    • Well, I have some very good books that Riley would like to read. I have books that are called Bailey School Kids Jr. They are about four kids that see weird people at their school and in their city, and they try to interrupt them and try to be heroes, and then they save the world! They’re not scary, they’re kind of funny and happy. I think she would like them because they are very good books and very funny.

      Love, Camille

      PS from Mom: Here’s a link to the Bailey School Kids Junior site:
      They are beginning chapter books that are good for transition from picture books to chapter books.

  2. Hi Camille.

    I have a book review site that is just a little older than this one. I enjoyed you and your brother’s reviews. I haven’t read your mom’s yet but I bet it is good. If you don’t mind, I am going to keep reading the reviews here. I might need to pick up a book for my site. Good work on the reviews. Both of your write well. I can’t wait for the next set of reviews. What are you reading now?

    Kid Lit Reviews

    • Hi! I like your comment very much. Now I am reading Stuart Little, it is about a mouse. He goes on a lot of adventures that are outside of the world of a mouse. Thank you for asking.
      Your friend, Camille

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